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  • 20+ powerful UI/UX features and customizations

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Tired of Notion's ugly, boring, and inconvenient UI/UX?

Notion Without NotionPower: The Struggle is Real

  • No fixed table of contents

  • Endless scrolling to find information

  • Limited to default theme and font

  • Distracting horizontal scrollbar in board view

  • No scroll-to-top Button

  • Uninspiring UI: Fails to inspire creativity and motivation.

Notion + NotionPower: Supercharge Your Productivity

  • Fixed Table of Contents: Effortlessly navigate your Notion pages

  • Visualize Your Progress: Track your activity with NotionPower's insightful graphs

  • Customize everything from themes to fonts

  • Word & Character Count

  • And That's Just the Beginning!


Trusted 💓 by all of you

NotionPower's Fixed TOC feature is a lifesaver. Navigating through my pages is now effortless, and I can find what I need in seconds. Highly recommend!

—— Sophie

Thanks to NotionPower, I've become way more productive. The Activities Graph keeps me on track and The customization options are incredible, from themes to font choices.

—— Rei

It centers text! I've been searching months for this. Plus it has another great functions as well. I highly recommend this, and commend the programmer behind it.

—— Rafael Bueno

Feature List

20+ UI/UX tools to supercharge your productivity

Uncover Your Notion Habits with Activities Graph

Visualize your Notion habits over time.

Data made fun and engaging

Theme Change

Tired of the same old Notion look? Choose the different theme color to match your style and boost focus.

Change background color of Notion

Customize Font Family Style

Select from a Variety of Font Families to Personalize Your Experience

Change default font family in Notion

Font Size Customization

Customize Font Size for Your Comfort

Personalize Your Reading Experience with Custom Font Sizes

Change default font size in Notion

Fixed TOC (Table Of Contents)

Effortless notion navigation: fixed outline, always visible.

TOC scrolls with you - Effortless navigation!

TOC hides away when not needed, with just one click

Scroll-To-Top Button

Skip the scrolling! Instant access to the top with the scroll-to-top button.

Center Heading

Image Border

Frame Your Images: Add Borders for Clarity.

Increase Line Spacing

Medium Width Of Web Page

Go Beyond Default: Choose Medium Page Width.

Hide the Help Button

Hide the help button in the bottom right corner.

Hide Breadcrumbs

Hide breadcrumbs for a clean interface.

Hide Page Properties

Hide properties for a more focused view.

Remove Horizontal Scrollbar in board view

Remove the distracting horizontal scrollbar in board view when the default scroll bar just cuts through a beautiful page.

Remove the horizontal scrollbar

Hide Backlinks

Hide backlinks to minimize clutter and enhance focus. Easily unhide them anytime for reference.

Shortcut To Open Notion Calendar

Shift + Alt + P : Jump to Notion Calendar instantly.

Pricing Plans

Enhance experience of Notion, and increase your productivity.

Launch discount — $50 OFF

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